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Upchurch Stables Livery Fees

Current Livery rates for Whitegate and Small Profits livery stables


Whitegates DIY Livery Stables

Small Stable £120 per calendar month
Large Stable £140 per calendar month
Horse box parking fee £10 per calendar month

Small Profits Livery Stables

Assisted Livery £163 per calendar month
Horsebox parking fee £10 per calendar month
Ménage Hire for non livery occupiers £25 per calendar month 

Additional Services

* Turn Out £1.50
* Turn Out with rug change £2.00
* Turn In £1.50
Flick off £1.00
Stable Muck out £4.00
Hay Net Made £0.50
Feeds made up £0.50
Field muck out £2.00
Thorough groom £3.00
Wash legs before bed £1.00
Daily Charge £13.00
Hold for Farrier £5.00
Hold for Vet £5.00


Full clip £40.00
Blanket £30.00
Trace £25.00
Bib £15.00
Roll of Hay £30.00
Bale of Hay £3.50
■ Summer Holiday Livery

£7.00 per day

■ Winter Holiday Livery £11.00

* Turn Out and Turn In includes changing of rugs, pick feet out and feed.


■ Includes turn in, turn out, feeding and general daily care



Terms and Conditions

Should you wish your horse to be stabled at Upchurch Stables following your inspection of the facilities, please carefully read the Livery Terms and Conditions and then print and complete the Livery Agreement Schedule and horse behaviour checklist for Assisted Livery and then hand it to the yard manager on arrival. Do please ring or email if you have any queries.

Please download the following forms to read and sign.

Livery Agreement Schedule PDF

Livery Terms and Conditions PDF

Horse Behaviour Checklist PDF